April 17, 2011
I visited Isanuma again to sell some bike goods overstocked.  Fortunately, I could liquidate
most of large goods such as a frame and tires I brought to.
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In my conclusion after observation, there are chiefly three kinds of people gathering at
-Roadies buying supplies such as tires and tubes.
-Fixie riders who are eager to decorate their pistas.
-Tourists who want to see and show their old-fashioned bikes.
Apparently, I belonged to the last group of people.  I really appreciated their authentic
beauties of bikes, taking pictures for my reference.
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Of course, the best part of Isanuma Bavardage was the chattering with my acquaintances
about recent developments in bikes and touring.  I enjoyed the conversation over my cooking
of rice balls with the rice cooking pot and Svea 123 gasoline stove.  Thanks to the assists
from co-sellers, Kenken-san, Sanpo-san and Naru-san, it was a slow and very comfortable
elapse of time.