April 23, 2011
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A reunion of year 1986 graduates of two varsity cycling club, Doshisha and Waseda
Cycling Club, was held at a lodge at Ohmachi, Nagano.  I was willing to take part in it to
celebrate our 25th year anniversary since our graduation from undergraduate schools.  Even though there were not many bicyclists on the active list among us, we talked and laughed a
lot about our touring experiences and life after graduation over a big drinking of ten hours or longer.  Most of colleagues do not own bicycles for sports or touring, they still have some
interests about bikes.  French-style bikes constructed with standard-size steel tubes won
their absolute supports, and many of them were surprised at my comments about current
booming of bicycling.  Many of them are too busy to restart riding, but they will have more
time to spare in ten years later.  I hope we will have not only a big drinking but also a
reunion ride someday.